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    Know Your Spices

 Buy spices in small quantities since they lose their flavours easily.

Shelf life of Ground spices :        6 to 12 months

Shelf life of Whole spices :        12 to 18 months

Storage                :         Airtight containers in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight   



Roast spices on very low heat in a Karai or a pan without oil

Do not burn the spices as this would mask their original flavours 

Dry grind the roasted spices by first letting them cool completely. You can either use the old-fashioned Pestle and Mortar or an equally effective mini attachment for Mixers/Blenders 


      Asafoetida            =   Hing

      Bay Leaf                =   Tej Patta

      Black Cardamom    =   Motti Elaichi

      Black Cumin Seeds =   Kala Jeera

      Cardamom              =   Elaichi

      Carom  Seeds          =  Ajwain

      Cinnamon              =  Dalchini

      Clove                      =  Lavang

      Coriander Seeds      =  Dhania 

      Cumin Seeds          =  Jeera

      Fennel Seeds          =  Sauf

      Fenugreek Seeds      =  Methi 

      Garlic                    =  Lasun

       Ginger                  =  Adhrak

       Nutmeg                 = Jaiphal

      Mustard Seeds        =  Rai

      Onion Seeds           =   Kalonji

      Peppercorns            =  Kali Mirch

      Poppy Seeds            =  Khus-Khus

      Saffron                  = Zafraan/Kesar 

      Star Anise             =   Kakra Phool 

      Turmeric                =   Haldi


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