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             Cooking Tips

                  Housekeeping Tips

                         Beauty Tips 



                             Cooking Tips

      Restoring Crystallized Honey or Jam

  To restore crystallized honey  just stand the jar in a bowl of boiling water for a few minutes till it becomes runny again or alternately place the honey/jam glass jars without their lids in a microwave and turn the microwave on in full power for a few seconds


              Peeling Tomatoes

Peeling tomatoes can be made easy if you follow this method:                                                                                                          Make a shallow cross at the bottom of the tomatoes with a knife. Place the tomatoes in hot water for a couple of minutes. Remove them from the water and leave to cool. . The skin can now be peeled easily


   Extracting Juice from Lime or Lemon

To extract MORE juice out of Limes / Lemons you simply microwave them in full power for 10 secs or roll them with the palm of your hand for sometime before extraction.


              Peeling Mangoes

To peel a Mango, cut the skin lengthwise into four sections (do not cut through the flesh). Pierce a fork into the top portion of the Mango with one hand. Now using the other hand gently lift the skin from the end portion of the Mango with a knife.


                      Veggie Salads-in-Minutes

If you think you don't have time or the ingredients for a conventional salad then just chop any green vegetable like zucchini, beans etc and mix them with peas (if available) and boil them in water for just a few minutes (they should be slightly crunchy). Drain the water and mix the vegetables with a little mayonnaise and yogurt.. season with salt and pepper.


                To Remove Fat From Meat Stock

After preparing fresh meat stock, refrigerate the stock for a few hours. The fat solidifies on the surface of the stock. Simply remove this solidified fat.


                         Peeling Onions

Peel the onions and cut the in half. Soak them in water for a few minutes. This will stop your eyes from watering when you cut them.


                       Microwave Potatoes

You don't have to go through the chore of baking/boiling potatoes if you are blessed with a microwave.                                                                      Simply prick the potatoes well with a fork. Wrap a kitchen paper towel over them and microwave them in full power for 15mins ( Please note: Large potatoes take 15 mins smaller varieties take a shorter time).

                   Homemade Citrus Peel

You don't have to spend money on expensive lemon or orange peel if the recipe asks for it. Grate leftover orange or lemon peel and add a bit of sugar on it and refrigerate in a air-tight container


                      Housekeeping Tips

              Tying a Parcel

Before tying up a parcel, wet the string. This will prevent it from slipping when it is being tied and when it dries up, it will shrink and stay in position


                    Feeding the plants

Hot water can be added to used tea bags. When the water is cool remove the tea bags and use this water to feed the plants. Do this occasionally and not often as the caffeine in tea may be too strong for them. 

Water from boiling eggs is nutritious for plants.


                      Reviving wilted plants

Ends of wilted plants can be snipped off and placed in a glass containing boiling water for a few seconds. Then place them in a vase containing cold water. 


              Preserving Your Little One's Work

Apply a coat of hair spray on your child's drawing. This acts as a fixative and prevents the colour from fading.


                Caring for your Glassware

Make a thin paste of baking powder and water and rub it on your glassware. Rinse with warm water. Dry with a soft cloth for an instant shine.



                           Beauty Tips

      Strengthening Nails

Once a week soak hands in a bowl containing warm water and Soda Bicarbonate for 10 mins. 


                Brighter Eyes

Grated raw potato / tea bags / cucumber slices make great eye pads for puffy eyes


                  Facial Scrub

Granulated sugar and your regular cleansing cream mixed together make a great homemade scrub

Homemade Facial Scrub (for dry skin) is a mixture of oatmeal, honey and yogurt


                      Hair Conditioner

Apply readymade or homemade mayonnaise on dry hair. Cover with foil or plastic film and leave it on for 30 mins. Rinse off and shampoo



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